Din-I Wang

Din-I Wang

Biographical Info I was born in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and graduated medical school from Institute of Medicine (1) in 1986. Then I migrated to Taiwan where I had to take qualification tests, residency training in internal medicine and later underwent pulmonologist training. Now, I am working in a Respiratory Care Ward, a long-term care facility for ventilator-dependent patients. My obsession with low carb started after reading Gary Taubes’ article in Reader’s Digest. I was very skeptical and searched the Pub Med for evidence. I was shocked to find huge amounts of high-quality studies which were also shared by revolutionaries like Dr Andreas Eenfeldt (Diet doctor). Over the past 5 years, I went down the rabbit hole and finally ended up with Prof Noakes’ course on LCHF. Contact email: wangdin1@me.com

Email Address wangdin1@me.com

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