Jonah Lazarous Mulatya

Jonah Lazarous Mulatya

Biographical Info Dr. Jonah Lazarous Mulatya, a 64 year old Kenyan male. 1980 - Graduated from University of Nairobi – MBChB 1986 - Master in Medicine – (Anaesthesiology) 1980 – 2015 - Worked as a consultant anaesthesiologist in the public sector 2015 to present - Working at Mulatya Memorial Hospital as C.E.O , consultant anaesthetist/ General Practitioner On LCHF : 2015 - Started reading widely on application of ketogenic diet In treatment of diabetes 2018 February – Started Low Card High Fat (LCHF) diabetic clinic at Mulatya Memorial Hospital which has been highly successful – with a lot of patient success stories. 2018 August – Completed Nutrition Network training for Professionals

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