Karin van der Hoorn

Karin van der Hoorn

Biographical Info My name is Karin van der Hoorn. I am a medical doctor but currently working as a Medical Information Specialist at/the Deputy Head of the library of the Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands. The larger part of my job is teaching students and employees of the LUMC how to search the medical literature and performing literature searches for systematic reviews, CAT's etc.. I quit medicine many years ago because I felt I was doing a lot of things of which never had been proven that they would be helpful to my patients and that might do more harm than good. I came on the path of low carb and (intermittent) fasting when I was looking for a solution to some health issues of my own for which the specialists I consulted had no answers. I learned a lot about health, physiology and nutrition that I had never learned during my training as a medical doctor. Now I strongly believe that lifestyle changes are the solution for the larger part of the tsunami of diseases in the Western World and that a low carb/ketogenic diet is an important tool. I became very inspired to start working as a medical doctor again so I reregistered as a doctor last year. This year I completed the Professional Training of the Nutrition Network and in October 2018 I will start the basic Integrative Medicine/Lifestyle Medicine training at the Dutch Academy for Integrative Medicine. I hope that in the near future I will be able to use my skills to help people get better through lifestyle changes, either by working as a medical doctor or by teaching medical professionals, advising organisations etc..

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