Enrolment in the Ethics Module is open to anyone working in the health/wellness sector.

First do no harm: the golden rule of the Hippocratic oath that doctors aim to honour in its
various modern iterations. But what does it mean in today’s world to practice medicine,

What are your ethical obligations as a doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, nurse or health coach?

How do you honour these and in what contexts do things need to change in medicine today?

In our new ethics module, we aim to provide clarity on all of these topics, to give practitioners peace of mind that they will be safe in the actions they take. We also tackle some difficult areas that medical professionals navigate, such as how to treat anomalous cases, when to refer and when not to do invasive procedures. This is the fine line many tread in making these calls daily – we aim to advise on how to do this with ethics and dignity in check.

The Ethics Module has been accredited with 7 Ethics points, as accredited by the South African Medical Association.

If you are following our Certification Path to become a certified Nutrition Network Practitioner, you will need to complete at least 3 Elective Modules.

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