First Group Begin Nutrition Network Practitioner Certification Path

This March sees the launch of the eagerly anticipated Certification Path to becoming a certified Nutrition Network Practitioner™. We have carefully selected the pilot group who will be the first to embark on the program with us, helping us to fine-tune a process that will be replicated with the many members working their way through our trainings.

The Certification Path gives our members the opportunity to establish themselves as industry leaders, in a way that is fully verified and supported by our team of experts. The vision for our Nutrition Network Practitioners™ once certified, is for them to step into the role of Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) expert and leader. This is someone who is confident in the intricacies of the science and research behind the LCHF diet, someone who is able to demonstrate the capabilities necessary to prescribe the diet in practice and is able to teach and lead others who show an interest in the field.

Becoming a Nutrition Network Practitioner™ signifies that you have acquired the highest level of knowledge and skill in the field and are recognized as a certified practitioner. 

A quick refresher of the steps can be found at this link. 

The pilot group consists exclusively of medical practitioners who will be tutored by Dr Neville Wellington, Dr Hassina Kajee, Professor Tim Noakes and Tamzyn Murphy, RD, MSc over the course of an intensive 8-week program consisting of live classes, practical assignments and individual mentorship. Tutors will assess the depth and breadth of knowledge that practitioners display in the field of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction and by the end of the program, they must feel confident that the practitioner is academically and ethically prepared to carry the Nutrition Network Practitioner™ stamp.

Dr Hassina Kajee, Medical Director of the Nutrition Network says: “At Nutrition Network, our students know that improved health is attainable and disease reversible through individualised nutrition and therapeutic carbohydrate restriction. There have been far too many deaths due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The increasing morbidity and mortality from insulin resistance and its related diseases is unnecessary and the world needs nutrition leaders now more than ever before. 

Our Certification Pathway has been a long time in the making and Nutrition Network was founded with this end in mind, that health through nutrition reaches every corner of the globe through a network of accredited providers. A group of likeminded individuals focused on ongoing learning who continue to augment the Network by contributing their expertise in our continuous learning program.

Thanks to technology, the days of learning being restricted to stuffy lecture halls are long gone and we excitedly look forward to meeting our first group of global students and getting to know them better. We have put together an exciting and rigorous program that encourages learning and seeks to empower our candidates through mentorship, tutorials and engagement and assessment.

It is our great honour to be able to guide our own patients towards health as they reverse their chronic disease and we look forward to meeting like-minded individuals and share our knowledge as we gain new insights from our students.” 

For non-medical practitioners, the Nutrition Network Advisor Certification Path will cover the science and research behind the diet, but will have a bigger focus on the skills necessary to be an effective Advisor and coach, capable of assisting clients and opening an LCHF coaching practice.

Applications to take part in the next group this year are open, please complete the form at this link to apply.

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