LCHF for Dietitians: Professional Online Training for Dietitians and Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS) in LCHF for Health Promotion and Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

Presented by national and international medical and allied healthcare experts in their field, on a range of topics related to LCHF nutrition and its implementation into clinical dietetics and nutrition practice.

A course developed by Dietitians, for Dietitians and Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS)!

The course is presented as a series of online, self-study lectures.

The training comprises 3 modules:

Module 1: An introduction to LCHF
This module provides a sound, foundational knowledge base of LCHF nutrition from the latest and most credible research.

Module 2: An overview of LCHF and Intermittent fasting (IF) in clinical practice
This module gives practical tips and an overview guide to implementing LCHF and IF in clinical practice.

Module 3: LCHF Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for specific applications
This module provides more advanced learning in relation to LCHF nutrition within a number of specific clinical practice
applications. Each topic/application is covered in 2 parts/lectures:

1.) Focus on physiology and evidence around LCHF for a particular application, and
2.) A practical MNT guide to implementing LCHF for that application in clinical practice (often using case study examples).

Each lecture includes:

  • Topic outline, learning objectives and lecture summary
  • Expert speaker presentation
  • Downloadable resources and references for relevant journal articles and literature
  • Quiz to assess what you’ve learned



Module 1: An Introduction to LCHF

  • The Human diet: an evolutionary perspective
  • The Human diet: a scientific perspective
  • Dietary guidelines : the evidence

Module 2 : An overview of LCHF and Intermittent Fasting in Clinical Practise

  • Educating the patient on LCHF and motivating for dietary change
  • Formulation and implementation of an LCHF diet
  • Patient monitoring and assessment in an LCHF context
  • Intermittent fasting: What, why and how
  • Legal aspects of prescribing LCHF

Module 3: Medical Nutrition Therapy – LCHF for specific clinical applications

Each topic comprises of a theoretical and a practical lecture.

  • Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Weight management
  • Cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and fat
  • Cancer: fasting and chemotherapy
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Pregnancy
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Alzheimers
  • Epilepsy

Training Format: 

The training is made up of:

  • Video lectures, presenting: Physiology and scientific evidence
  • Practical clinical implementation guidelines of an LCHF diet for various applications
  • Supporting documents, including: the speakers’ PowerPoint presentations, reference lists, patient education resources to use in your practice.

Who is eligible to do the course?

  • Registered Dietitians
  • Certified Nutrition Specialists
  • Medical & Allied Healthcare Professionals


Enrol at any time.

  • Complete the registration form at this link and select “LCHF FOR DIETITIANS” from the drop-down menu on the application. We will notify you
    whether your application has been successful.


USD 770
ZAR 8855 for South African citizens

Timeline & Testing: 

You may start the course at any time, and work through the content completely at your own pace.
Before being awarded your certificate:

  • You will need to answer a quiz for each lecture to test what
    you’ve learned.
  • You are also required to submit a case study from your own


On completion of the course, participants will be issued with a Certificate of Completion. The course will lead to later advanced trainings and certifications.

CPD Accreditation: 

The training has been accredited by The CPD Standards Office and is worth 25 CPD points. We have been assured that the accreditation is recognized and respected internationally. Formal CPD Standards certificates are issued and accepted in a multitude of countries and across all professional sectors.


Advisory Panel

The content of this training has been reviewed by the

Nutrition Network Medical Advisory Board and Dietitians Review Panel

Your Instructor


Nutrition Network

The Nutrition Network is an education and learning platform, designed to present the most up-to-date and evidenced-based science and research available, in the field of low-carbohydrate, healthy high fat nutrition (LCHF). Founded by The Noakes Foundation, and in partnership with their extensive national and international network of doctors, scientists and researchers, the platform is aimed at medical and allied health care professionals across the globe, to inform and support their knowledge of the LCHF diet and its implementation into clinical practice.

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