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With less than a week away, The Nutrition Network (NN) couldn’t be more thrilled to host The World Nutrition Summit (WNS) Women’s Health Symposium

A culmination of all lifestyle and nutritional topics that affect women on a daily basis in terms of Nutrition and all other aspects of being a woman in 2023, featuring industry leaders sharing their expertise. Learn from the best on 2 March 2023 during our half-day event, and empower yourself with knowledge of women’s health issues. All registrants will gain access to the recording of the WNS Women’s Health Symposium, resource handouts, and PowerPoint presentations post-event!

Time is running out – Purchase your Early Bird ticket today! 

We also have a great offer and are offering a Bundle Package: Purchase 1 x ticket for the WNS Women’s Health Symposium and 1 x Women’s Health Elective training (new training!) for the amazing discounted bundle cost. All are valid until 28 February 2023.

Understand tips and tricks from a medical practitioner on how to bring self-care into practice, have better knowledge of how to incorporate the family into your Keto food preparations, understand what a KetoVore diet in pregnancy consists of and how to raise a KetoVore baby, as well as how to overcome post-partum depression, understand what Diet Culture is and how the food industry impacts body image and addictive eating, understand chronic stress and its link to metabolic health in women and know the ‘at risk times’ of this, and over and above these key takeaways, there will be a panel discussion with esteemed experts from our NN Medical Team and expert guest panelist presenters.

Our WNS Women’s Health Symposium topic line-up includes:

  • Ways of Empowering Women Through Healthcare
  • Why Humans should prioritize protein (how protein can accelerate weight loss)
  • KetoVORE pregnancy, ketoVORE baby and surviving postpartum depression
  • Meditative Journey and Sharing about Self-love
  • Chronic stress and its impact on metabolic health -Identifying at-risk times for metabolic diseases in the lifecycle of a women
  • Diet culture, food industry- impact on body image and addictive eating
  • Sneaking time for yourself – tips & tricks on self-care as a GP mum

Delivered by an array of global experts!

And as a bonus, we have an insightful panel discussion that looks into Ways of Empowering Women Through Healthcare with Health and Healing Coach Tracey McBeath, Registered Dietitian Tamzyn Murphy, NN Practitioner Tia Reid, and Postdoctoral Researcher Georgina Pujol.

NN members who have purchased the Elite Membership package via the NN Community Platform will have automatic access to the event. Learn from our renowned lineup of female speakers who are all experts in their respective fields. 

Click here to secure your ticket to the WNS Women’s Health Symposium! Contact [email protected] for any queries. 

Empower yourself and other women with knowledge of LCHF nutrition and lifestyle changes for optimal well-being.

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