Meet the Team

Jayne Bullen

Managing Director

Jayne believes research in healthcare needs better funding and strong minds. As the Chief Operating Officer of The Noakes Foundation, she established Eat Better South Africa alongside inspiring colleagues and Prof Noakes and believes in building stronger collaboration in the nutrition and science game. After realizing the dichotomy between brand research budgets and human health research, she decided to leave the formal research world, committed to bringing her global experience in big biz research, systems and policy change expertise into new areas to affect change to human health.

Jayne is an MBA Chevening Scholar, High Dip in Marketing and International Relations graduate. In her MBA at Leeds University, she focussed on the regulation of marketing to children in the food and fast food categories, later conducting Pan European media research and strategy evaluation in this area for various global health bodies and brands.

As an extension of her collaborative vision for the future of human health and better healthcare systems, she co-founded the Nutrition Network and has been its Managing Director since it was founded in 2018.

Tim Noakes

Chief Medical Director

Prof Noakes has published more than 750 scientific books and articles. He has been cited more than 16 000 times in scientific literature, has an H-index of 71 and has been rated an A1 scientist by the National Research Foundation of South Africa for a second 5-year term. He has won numerous awards over the years and is considered one of the best critical minds of our time. After coming across research which denounced current international dietary guidelines as fallacy, Prof Noakes started researching the effects of carbohydrates, proteins and fats on the human race. After his research convinced him that a high fat, low carb diet is the healthiest option for many, Prof Noakes founded The Noakes Foundation in 2012. Prof Noakes retired as Professor of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2014 and is now an Emeritus Professor at UCT.



Candice Spence

Project Director

Candice is a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Social Sciences UCT graduate, but her true passion lies in all things health and nutrition related. She is a keen foodie and is knowledgeable about the LCHF & Keto environment. Candice was The Noakes Foundations Communications Executive for 3 years and is now the Project Manager of the Nutrition Network. She is thrilled to be a part of a team that is attempting to change the way people in South Africa, and possibly the world, think about food and nutrition.

Tamzyn Murphy

Registered Dietitian

Tamzyn is a registered dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Physiology (Dist.) in which she investigated Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diets and Type 2 Diabetes. Tamzyn’s special interest and experience in low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) diets makes her a key member of the Nutrition Network team. Tamzyn is also co-founder of Real Food Dietitians, a private dietetics practice focusing on LCHF diets, where she consults with patients and runs Low Carbohydrate Challenges. Tamzyn has work experience in the community, supplement industry, nutrition writing and editing for the media, as well as in low carbohydrate research.


Hassina Kajee

Medical Director

Dr. Hassina Kajee specialised as an Internist and then landed her dream job heading up the High Care Unit of a teaching hospital in South Africa. As her patient population became younger and more patients were being admitted with chronic disease, some under the age of 30, she realized she needed to evolve her practice. She embarked on a journey to empower patients and health care providers alike with nutrition and lifestyle education in order to transform their health. Thus it was that she co-founded the Nutrition Network, an educational platform which was instrumental in bringing LCHF education to thousands of health care practitioners and nutrition advisors across the globe. Through this initiative, Nutrition Network has also become largest the affiliate of the Eat Better South Africa campaign in South Africa that brings nutrition interventions to under-resourced communities in South Africa. Dr Kajee also sees patients in a private practice and is a mum to two low carb kiddies and wife to one low carb emergency physician. Her message of compassion and understanding is a lesson for us all!

Neville Wellington

Medical Director

Dr. Neville Wellington is a GP and managing practitioner at Kenilworth Medicross. He has been working in medicine for over 21 years, with paediatrics and diabetes among his main passions. He completed a two year Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes in 2012 and now runs a Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE), overseeing 3 doctors, a diabetes educator and a dietician. Neville is a staunch advocate of a low-carb lifestyle.

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