Alisha Ginger Gough

Alisha Ginger Gough

Biographical Info Alisha, better known as Ginger, runs the main UK based YouTube Channel dedicated to Nutrition Science and Low Carb Recipes since 2013. Through a ketogenic diet she reversed her Pre-Diabetes diagnosis and lost 70lbs in the process after having been obese all her life. She has first-hand experience and understanding of Eating Disorders and continues to study and research to further the applications of an LCHF diet to ED recovery. She holds an MA from the University of Westminster and since learning about nutrition and the LCHF approach she has resumed studying and researching Biological Sciences at the Cardiff and Vale College, and will further pursue a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Cardiff Metropolitan University. Her penchant for learning the biochemistry of nutrition down to the molecular level has allowed her to then share her knowledge in simple terms via her YouTube Videos which are made in simple and accessible terms so that everyone can benefit from a deeper scientific understanding of nutrition's effect on human metabolism, especially for Insulin Resistance, Hyperinsulinaemia and Diabetes Type 2 cases Areas of Expertise: Eating Disorders, Hyperinsulinaemia, Diabetes Type 2, Insulin Resistance Contact: / [email protected]

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