Ashley Carter Youngblood

Ashley Carter Youngblood

Biographical Info Ashley Carter Youngblood is trained as a psychotherapist and works with clients both at her professional therapy practice, Inner Peace Counseling, PLC, and also collaborates with others more intimately as a low-carb practitioner with her lifestyle coaching business, Lotus Lifestyle Coaching. Given her powerful experience of healing from life-long symptoms with an ancestral LCHF lifestyle and her observations of how important addressing nutrition and stabilizing blood sugar is in the treatment for mental health, Ashley has developed a passion for understanding the food-mood connection and for using an LCHF approach helping others achieve the healthy lifestyle they desire. Contact: To reach Ashley for counselling services integrating nutrition education into mental health, call 269-254-1211 or email [email protected] To reach Ashley for lifestyle/LCHF coaching services, call 269-312-5002 or email [email protected] For more information about Ashley, to read her blogs, or to follow her on social media: Visit her therapy practice website, Visit her lifestyle coaching website,

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