Bruno Taube

Bruno Taube

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Hello, I'm from Germany, Hannover and working in a children's hospital as social worker. After an apprenticeship as a social assistant, I completed my studies in social work and have worked in various areas of child and youth welfare and addiction aid. I've been working in a children's hospital for a number of years now and I've been supporting young people in their addiction treatment.
Due to chronic diseases and the associated disappointments of conventional medicine, I had to deal with my diet early on. After years of trying different diets, I discovered the ketogenic diet and felt relief and much better within a few days. Motivated by the improvement in my symptoms, I devoted myself to the relevant literature and the Nutrition Network Advisor Training - a healing path for me. Now I would like to share my experiences and am happy to be able to offer the LCHF diet for beginners. Please contact me via my homepage: or by email: [email protected]

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