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Christa Septer

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Christa Septer-Booij is a Dutch keto/low-carb nutrition and lifestyle coach (ketoprofessional). She founded her practice Samen Gezond Worden (translates to Becoming Healthy Together) in 2021 as a result of her own quest for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. After years of unsuccessfully fighting obesity and not feeling healthy and fit, she went keto in 2018. Looking back now, she wished she’d known all this 20 years earlier. After much self-education, she embarked on a learning trip to solidify all her gained and experienced knowledge on the (Very) Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic way of living. After completing both the Advisor and Professional Training at the Nutrition Network in South Africa and finishing the Ketogenic Therapy course at the Ketogenics Institute in the Netherlands, she is a dedicated keto-expert and enthusiast. She guides others onto their own, uniquely designed keto-path: defining goals and limits, overcoming barriers and investigating the possibilities and effects of keto together. She takes her clients by the hand to help them create a suitable, sustainable low-carb lifestyle, incorporating not only food, but all aspects of life.  

Christa is also committed to and active in helping promote low-carb/keto as a preventative or (partly) curative treatment for many symptoms/diseases caused by the modern way of eating and living. Ketocoaching should, in her opinion, be more and more easily accessible for all of society.  

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For more information, please contact her at [email protected]. Christa’s practice is based in Epe, the Netherlands. Her coaching is available for Dutch and English speaking clients.  

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