Dave Cristoferson C. Aguila

Dave Cristoferson C. Aguila

Biographical Info Dave is a weight management coach with a focus on the low carb way of eating. He used to be obese and tried, succeeded and failed a couple of times in losing weight via the conventional but unsustainable approach of "eat less, move more" approach. He has also tried using various slimming supplements and products only to be disappointed. He advocates that the only sustainable method is the low carb and intermittent fasting method. Dave is the founder of the Association of Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting Practitioners in the Philippines, the official voice of the low carb community in the Philippines, which is a by-product of LCIF Philippines (the largest, most interactive and fastest growing online low carb community in the Philippines). These organizations are meant to spread awareness about the dangers of obesity and how it can be easily be reversed/prevented via the low carb way of eating. Contact: The Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting Coach on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mylcifjourney

Email Address thelcifcoach@gmail.com

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