Jonah Lazarous Mulatya

Jonah Lazarous Mulatya

Biographical Info Dr. Jonah Lazarous Mulatya graduated from the University of Nairobi with a MBChB. Later he obtained his Masters in Medicine focusing on Anaesthesiology. He then worked as a consultant anaesthesiologist in the public sector. In 2015 he started working at Mulatya Memorial Hospital as C.E.O , consultant anaesthetist and General Practitioner. His journey with LCHF began in 2015 when he started reading widely on the application of ketogenic diet in the treatment of diabetes. Recently he launched the Low Card High Fat (LCHF) diabetic clinic at Mulatya Memorial Hospital which has been highly successful and has had a lot of patient success stories. In August last year, Jonah completed the Nutrition Network's training for professionals.

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