Elvire Rozier

Elvire Rozier

Biographical Info I am a registered nurse with over twenty years of experience in critical care, cardiac care and a certified case manager. My education includes a Bachelor of science in Nursing from Monmouth University; a Master of Science in Health Services with a focus on wellness promotion from Independence University; and a certification in Health Information Technology from Gwinnett Technical College. After years of struggling with my weight, in 2016, a friend introduced me to LCHF. I embarked on reading peer review studies, podcasts, books and quickly embraced the lifestyle. I take every given opportunity to educate family members, friends and patients on the health benefits of eating low carb. An avid athlete, I am passionate about sharing information with fellow athletes about the benefit of performing in a fat adapted state. I am available to assist and motivate individuals in regaining custody of their health. Email [email protected]

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