Faranak Amini

Faranak Amini

Biographical Info Faranak is a Sport Scientist, Food Scientist, and a certified Low Carb/Keto Nutrition specialist. Her passion is in health and wellness through nutrition and sport with the strong belief that food plays a major role in people’s lives. Her aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent metabolic health issues through real food and nutrition without medication. Faranak is the founder of Health Wealth Nutrition, working as a health and wellness professional helping clients to optimise their health and well-being through behaviour and lifestyle adaptations which can help them feel better and live healthier. She is passionate about general health, weight loss, lifestyle adaptations, and metabolic disease prevention. Also enjoys working with athletes providing sport nutrition guidelines to help them reach their optimal performance. Faranak is an athlete herself, played basketball professionally, and have been involved with sport for many years. Health Wealth Nutrition uses the latest research and development to promote LCHF/Keto nutrition as a natural healing approach to optimise health and prevent metabolic health issues. For more information, contact/WhatsApp on +27 82 9995786 or send an email to [email protected]

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