Ines Parro Sousa

Ines Parro Sousa

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Ines is a Portuguese Diabetes Nurse since 2016. Her passion to care for people with Diabetes started in yearly stages of her nursing career back in 2009 where she cared children newly diagnosed with Diabetes. Back in Portugal, she decided to go on an adventure with her now husband and decidedto moved to London. 

In London, Ines decided to go deep in the Diabetes Care path and did a Diabetes Educator Certificate at The Michener institute in Canada. This course and her knowledge led her to become a full time Diabetes Nurse in the North West of London. Later in 2018, and loads of more Diabetes courses after, Ines moved again. This time to the Netherlands where she is a Diabetes Nurse. In the mean time, Ines is the founder of Daybetes. A instagram page where she share her knowledge to better management of Diabetes.

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Instagram: @Daybetes

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