Jan Stewart

Jan Stewart

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I have been involved in the health & fitness industry for approximately 30 years in various capacities.  I studied Fitness and Nutrition through Otago University, NZ.  We were taught the high carb/low fat approach to nutrition which they are still teaching. 

I have been following the LCHF lifestyle for about 5 years and this came about by following Caryn Zinn and using her What the Fat books as a guide and using these with my personal training clients. 

Wanting to learn more about this approach I started doing more research which led me to the Nutrition Network where I completed the Nutrition Network Advisor training.

My goal is to work with people who have tried and failed using the traditional dietary guidelines and who are open to try a different approach to nutrition and lifestyle.

Title: NN Professional Training in Low Carbohydrate High Fat/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment, NN LCHF in Clinical Practice Training, NN Diabetes Reversal Training, NN Neurology Training, NN Certified Coach Practitioner.

Email:  [email protected]

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