Jocelyn Rylee

Jocelyn Rylee

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Jocelyn is a strength & conditioning coach and owner of CrossFit BRIO in Saskatoon, SK. One of only 3 individuals in Canada to hold the CrossFit Level 4 (CF-L4) credential, she has been helping people optimize health, happiness, and performance since 2008. In addition to this, Jocelyn works for CrossFit LLC on the Seminar Staff, travelling the country teaching CF Level 1 seminars to the next generation of upcoming coaches. As years of experience accumulated and the age of BRIO's athletes increased, Jocelyn gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of fueling athletic training with fat rather than carbohydrate in order to protect long term metabolic health. An expert in the area of high intensity sport performance on a nutrient-rich ketogenic diet, you can find her on Instagram @theketoathlete or at her website

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