Dr John R. Cripps MD FRCSC (Emeritus)

Dr John R. Cripps MD FRCSC (Emeritus)

Biographical Info In university I studied a double major; physiology and biochemistry (BSc). Serendipitously I enrolled in medical school, began an internal medicine residency and subsequently worked as an emergency room physician in a trauma centre while sharing a family practice. I returned to complete an ophthalmology residency and spent 3 decades treating thousands of diabetics, macular degeneration patients and numerous other pathologies. I now have a better understanding for the proximate cause, resulting in the tsunami, of 22,000+ patients I struggled to attend to in my solo rural practice. Like other physicians trained in the allopathic model of medicine, prevention and nutrition, occupied precious few hours in the curriculum. Understanding the role of insulin resistance in " modern diseases of Western civilization" has allowed better skepticism, on my behalf, when evaluating "ingrained in stone medical dogma" pushed over the last 4 decades while vilifying any scientist who dared challenge conventional "expert opinion". Over my medical career I insisted that all support healthcare workers and patients call me by my first name. I enjoyed teaching medical students, residents, medical colleagues and nurses; basically anyone who showed an interest in education; I thrive on being a lifelong learner. Contact me via Twitter: [email protected]

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