Karen Magallanes

Karen Magallanes

Biographical Info After reading the Art and Science of Low carb Living in 2013 I began my own journey of weight loss and better health. Since that time I've been submerged in learning about diet and lifestyle. My career as an RN began in 1997. My focus since 2002 has been in nephrology and hemodialysis and I have seen first hand the devastation Type 2 diabetes can cause. When a friend was diagnosed with T2D I accompanied her to the classes offered by our local health authority and was appalled at what was being taught. Armed with new information from Professor Tim Noakes and Dr Jason Fung's books confirmed in my head what was wrong with the way these classes were telling people how to manage their diabetes. I knew sharing this information could stop people from ending up on dialysis because of T2D. My career needed to change direction and prevention was going to be it! My path to becoming a diabetic educator began with some formal diabetes education required by my employer and almost ended immediately when I was told by my colleagues not to discuss low carb despite patients asking about it. When I recommended Dr Fung's books to my patients as a resource I thought I might be asked to leave. It was this moment I realized my lofty goals of sharing my cutting edge knowledge was rather naive. Clearly I was not going to be a good fit to teach diabetes education if I couldn’t give low carb, keto, fasting or any other options that were not in line with the current guidelines. The public is becoming aware of other options and my goal is to bring those options to them not hide them. More recently my research has been looking at diet as a therapeutic tool in other autoimmune and metabolic issues since I have seen remarkable healing in myself for same. I’m certain with my experience living LCHF and fasting I’m an expert in weight loss (100lbs) and I continue to dive down many rabbit holes in search of new information studies and anything that will keep me up to date. I am passionate about spreading the word and sharing what I have learned with others particularly with other health care providers so they too can help their patients understand that our lifestyle and what we eat or not eat can truly bring better health.

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