Karl Goldkamp

Karl Goldkamp

Biographical Info Karl Goldkamp is a Naturopathic Doctor, Dipl. of Oriental Medicine, Graduate of Bastyr University, ND., MSA in Acupuncture, and is Certified in Environmental Medicine. His weekly podcast: KetoNaturopath, has 10 000 monthly downloads. I have practised 16 years in clinical medicine, currently in private practice working with coaching groups, to safely promote the low carb high fat way of living and tele-medicine. My previous focus had been on Diet, genetic - nutrition interface, environmental factors in terms of identifying and removing to restore health to our patient population of Southern Connecticut. My wife and myself have both become advocates for the Ketogenic diet. Initially, as an intervention in our own health concerns. My wife suffered a meningioma which necessitated a 13 hour brain surgery. And myself having a sudden onset of Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis due to two deaths in my family and other factors…. Having never had either of those before. Since adopting the low carb high fat approach, our lives have changed. Contact info [email protected] Cell 860.287.3270

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