Kelly Tan Peterson

Kelly Tan Peterson

Biographical Info Kelly Tan Peterson, an American-Singaporean of Chinese descent, an internationally renowned corporate Keto Advisor, a certified IINH Nutrition and Health Coach, & Nutrition Network trained LCHF Practitioner, and also an award-winning author of  KETO EAST, and KETO BAKED.  Kelly is the Asia pioneer influencer in Keto and she is known as the Asia’s Keto Queen. With 11 years of living a successful Keto lifestyle, Kelly have been on international articles, radio live talk shows, and she has conducted several seminars, workshops and corporate coaching in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Vietnam, Nigeria and the USA. With a social media following of more than 150K, she helped many around the world to eat well, regain their health, stay slim and delay aging. Follow and contact Kelly at Instagram @kelpeterson

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