Kenny Leow

Kenny Leow

Biographical Info Kenny started his journey as a nutrition coach in 2006. His mission was to make food the centre of healing, reinforced by his personal experiences with a father who lived with Diabetes and a neighbor who surrendered her life to it, as well as his friends who had metabolic and reproduction challenges and others who wanted to excel in endurance or strength based competitions. Kenny is committed to self-experimentation, academic pursuits and uncovering deep insights from discussions with some of the leading minds in the fields of Low Carb High Fat (LCHF), Ketogenic, Zero Carb and Carnivore protocols. After completing a Diploma in Nutrition (2018), Intermittent Fasting for Maximal Weight Loss (2018) and most recently Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition and Treatment from Nutrition Network (2019), his life work has gained momentum with notable results in reversing diabetes, gout, PCOS, early onset of menopause, fatty liver conditions, accelerating weight loss, enhancing sports performance and even improving clarity and focus amongst children. Today he leads an open community on Facebook providing personal coaching, editorials and commentaries to empower members towards a specific way of eating and living to achieve optimum health. Kenny can be reached via the Simply Carnivore Facebook page or at [email protected]

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