Krisna Hanks

Krisna Hanks

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Krisna is the Health and Performance Coach for Canyon Ranch Resort in Tucson, Arizona. She is the co-owner/founder of Square 1 Wellness company offering LCHF/Keto nutritional programs for individuals and companies. Krisna is the author of Finding Lifestyle Sanity: A Survival Guide.

Ms. Hanks holds a MS in Kinesiology from Indiana University and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. Her experience includes many years as an executive coach for Executive Performance Training in The Netherlands as well as decades as a professional dancer in Europe and the USA.

Current certifications include, Dr. Sear’s Health Coaching, Worksite Wellness, Senior Fitness, Iyengar Yoga, Classical Pilates and now the inaugural coach practitioners’ program of the Nutrition Network.

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Twitter: @square1wellness



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