Laya Mathew

Laya Mathew

Biographical Info I am a Registered Nurse based in Melbourne , Australia . I have been practising for 15 years , primarily in General Medical and currently in a Cardiac Care Unit. I migrated from India to New Zealand and thereafter to Australia. I have always made personal observations about my patient's lifestyle , food habits and their metabolic health. From my observations, I concluded that the current flawed dietary guidelines are a major contributor to poor metabolic health amongst different population groups. Personally I embarked on LCHF journey in 2017 which helped me lose weight and optimise my metabolic health and well being. Alongside educating patients at Work, my primary focus is to educate and empower family and friends of Indian origin as India has one of the highest number of diabetics in the world. I am happy to assist any individuals or groups willing to take a step forward to gaining their metabolic health back. Contact email- [email protected]

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