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Lou Walker

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Hello! I’m a health coach registered with the UK Health Coaches Association. I help clients lose weight without hunger, and transform their health using real food and realistic lifestyle changes so they feel better than they’ve felt in ages.

I loved my 16 years as a coach and leadership development consultant specialising in behavioural diagnostics and personal development. But a longstanding interest in the relationship between health and performance led me back to university for a Masters in Obesity & Weight Management and a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Nutrition.


These days there’s so much noise and confusion about what we should or shouldn’t be doing/eating/drinking. Having delved into the research (I’m still delving!), I believe that if we all focused on what is agreed on rather than what’s disputed, we’d all be healthier and happier. What does everyone agree on? Avoid sugar and ultra-processed food, eat more veg and whole foods (real food!), prioritise sleep, manage stress, move more, get outside and see friends.

These are the principles I use in my work, both with individuals and groups. I call it the low carb/real food lifestyle approach and it works because it’s working with your physiology, not fighting it.

To find out more and get in touch, visit my website: www.louwalker.com. I offer a free 30-minute session to help you explore whether health coaching might be for you.

Twitter: @RethinkCake

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