Dr Louise Phillips

Dr Louise Phillips

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Dr Louise Phillips is a General Practitioner and a Nutrition Network Certified Medical Practitioner. She graduated from the University of Queensland with first class honours in 1999, and received the Maureen Duke and Marion Sullivan Memorial Award for her GP fellowship exam in 2005.

She has a special interest in detecting and reversing metabolic disease at an early stage with low carbohydrate and fasting interventions and believes addressing the root cause of illness and disease is the best way to restore health.  Her focus includes type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, hypertension, weight loss and polycystic ovarian syndrome. She is passionate about ongoing medical education and helps train GP registrars and medical students.

With a particular interest in family medicine and preventative health, Louise has a comprehensive and caring approach. She is available for consultation at the Albany Hills Radius Medical Centre at Albany Creek, (Brisbane) Queensland Australia. https://radiusmedical.com.au/our-doctors/

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