Maria Espino

Maria Espino

Biographical Info María Eugenia Espino (Maru Espino) is from Panama and has suffered metabolic syndrome since she was a child. Seeing her health deteriorate, she decided it was time to make a radical change. It was her passion for improving her health that motivated her to become a certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach in 2018 and to be trained in 2019 with the Noakes Foundation Nutrition Network in Low Carb High Fat / Ketogenic Nutrition and Treatment. Maru discovered her passion for helping other Latinamerican people (spanish speakers) who, like her, have struggled all their life to lose weight and improve their health. She does this by creating links and connecting with each client, providing tools and information based on science, guiding, helping people adopt a keto eating style based on their own routines and improve their relationship with food. She personally practices and promotes fasting as part of a healthy lifestyle. She has significantly improved her health problems with keto, managing to lose more than 85 pounds in this past year, improving her mental clarity and increasing her energy levels. Maru is a lover of science, enjoys reading and staying updated on the latest scientific research of the LCHF and Keto Community. Email: [email protected] Instagram: @maru_espino

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