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Nadia Goodman

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Nadia is an Intuitive Empathic Holistic Therapist and a Reiki Master. She believes that we are all here for a purpose and she is dedicated to helping people find the lifestyle that works for them so that in turn they can fulfil their journey. As each person helps another a chain of compassion and understanding is built and guides people through their challenges of life to make a positive difference for both themselves and for others. She recognised that helping others has to start with your own well being and for approximately 35 years she has learnt to tune in to the responses of her body and adapt her choices of food/drink accordingly. She reached a point in 2017 when she recognised that her own well being was being challenged and she was at a loss as to how to respond, as she already followed a gluten-free, sugar-free lifestyle. However, the Low Carb/Keto world found her and she adopted a Ketogenic regime which has changed her life and she now feels impassioned in helping others help themselves to reap the benefits of living life in the wellness lane. She is now an Ambassador with the PHC (Public Health Collaboration) in the UK and together with another Ambassador they run several voluntary Low Carb/Real Food groups in her home town of Liverpool and more recently through online portals with no geographical limits. They are also involved with a Nurse-led scheme in coaching various groups which are specific to both prediabetes and diabetics in taking a low carb approach.
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