Peter Cummings

Peter Cummings

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Peter is the Director of Plan2Peak which is a Health and Human Performance company in the United States. He has been coaching athletes and creating outcome-based lifestyle therapy programmes since 1987. His work has been focused on all aspects of exercise physiology and lifestyle modification. He works with individuals who have chronic disease as well as age-group and world-class endurance athletes. He brings this same outcome-based focus and motivational leadership to Restore Medical Fitness. He is accredited as a Metabolic Health Practitioner with the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners and completed the Nutrition Network Practitioner program and mentorship. He looks forward to continuing his journey as a leader in the field of lifestyle therapies and coaching. While continuing to coach a small stable of athletes, his primary focus is the creation of safe, effective outcome-based programs and services for patients and the professional development of the medical fitness industry.

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