Richard Turnbull

Richard Turnbull

Biographical Info Richard Turnbull is an accredited Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). He spent most of his working life in South Africa working as a registered Biokineticist in clinical practice and continues working as an Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist in Australia. During 1994 Richard received the National Biokinetic Award for the Advancement of Biokinetics Practice in South Africa. During 2000/01 he served as Vice President (Exercise Rehabilitation) on the National Board of the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science (Now ESSA). Richard also has Rugby Union Level 4 and Athletics Level 4 coaching accreditations and has coached many runners to National and International level, one to a world record. He has been the Biokineticist and strength and conditioning coach for 3 national teams as well as having coached 1st grade rugby union teams to 7 grand final premierships. During 2016 Richard was inducted into the South African Athletics Coaches Hall of Fame. Richard is passionate about nutrition and fitness for the benefit of both health and athletic performance. He has had a keen interest and has been an advocate of a low carbohydrate diet since speaking and spending time with Prof Tim Noakes at the ESSA conference in Brisbane during 2012 and then attending the LCHF Down Under conference in Melbourne during August 2014. Contact: [email protected] Website:

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