Sarah Rice

Sarah Rice

Biographical Info Sarah Rice qualified in the U.K. as an Optometrist and worked in private practice and NHS hospital eye service. Hospital work highlighted the challenges of diabetic eye disease and associated visual loss, shaping her interest in diabetes management and public health. A running injury led to the discovery of the low carbohydrate lifestyle and its potential for applications in diabetes and other metabolic health disorders. Now living in Cape Town, Sarah's current focus is on curating references that support clinicians' use of a low carbohydrate approach to support disease management. Sarah produced and continues to update the Low Carbohydrate Nutrition References for the Nutrition Network. She also compiled their metabolic reference range document (2018). She has a passion for seeing a low carbohydrate option translated into public hospitals and supporting health in disadvantaged communities. Sarah is a busy mother of four daughters and can be found running on Table Mountain when time allows. Connect via twitter @sarah4info or  [email protected]

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