Teresa Mealy

Teresa Mealy

Biographical Info I graduated with my Master’s Degree in nursing from the University of South Florida in 2004 and began working as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in migraine management. Our family moved to Missouri in 2012 and it was then that I began having my own health issues that caused me to take notice. I was gaining weight, irritable, not enjoying life, and basically felt like I was going crazy. I was never one that was comfortable prescribing a lot of medications and I often looked into more natural remedies. However, being traditionally trained, I never realized the extent of research and treatments out there supporting natural treatment options. In 2013 I found a Doctor who helped me with hormone replacement for myself. Within 3 months I was feeling so much better. In fact, better than I had felt in my 20’s! I felt like I had to shout this stuff from the rooftops. I immersed myself in the studies and literature relating to bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT). I talked about it with whoever would listen. My life, professionally and personally, was transformed and I was forever grateful for being put through “the storm” in order to figure things out. In 2015 I began BHRT training through Worldlink Medical. I am currently advanced certified in BHRT through Worldlink Medical. I am also currently taking courses at the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). All of this training further solidified my belief that we need to get away from “band-aid” medications and instead rely on our bodies to heal themselves by replacing what is missing with natural preparations. I opened my own practice in 2016 to specialize in BHRT and to save the world, one patient at a time.

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