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You’re here because, like us, you understand the fundamental importance nutrition plays in our overall health and wellbeing.

In 2014 an estimated 420 million people were diagnosed with diabetes, so it’s no wonder that now more than ever, people are waking up to the realisation that nutrition plays a fundamental role in attaining optimal health and wellbeing. We are beginning to realise that optimal living is within our grasp and with the right guidance and knowledge we can empower ourselves and others to live our best lives!

The Nutrition Network Advisor Course has been developed for this very reason, we’re championing nutrition!

The low carbohydrate/ keto diet, backed by leading research, is fast transforming the landscape of healthcare globally and continues to gain considerable recognition in achieving optimal health and weight markers!

Designed as a certified online training program, the course comprises of specialised modules to create Nutrition Advisors, who are equipped with both the sound scientific knowledge of LCHF nutrition, as well as basic coaching and motivational skills; to confidently help themselves and others successfully achieve their health/weight goals!

The course is delivered by leading experts in their relevant fields

We are looking for a tribe of passionate individuals who are

  • Ready to transform healthcare globally through nutrition coaching
  • Seeking to acquire a proficient understanding of Low Carbohydrate Nutrition by leading experts
  • Seeking to empower themselves and others from sick care to healthcare
  • Looking to achieve their own personal health and weight goals
  • Looking to help and inspire others to achieve their health and weight goals
  • Wanting to earn an income while changing the lives of others
  • Will form part of a global movement of nutrition change agents that can support health care practitioners in helping their patients
  • Wanting to join a network that actively supports underserved communities

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