Nutrition Network Coach Practitioner Certification Program.

It’s here! The Nutrition Network is delighted to announce the launch of the Nutrition Network Coach Practitioner Certification Program.

This certification program is the first of its kind, designed to blend together health coaching and Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction (TCR) and Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) mentoring, creating expertly trained, advanced Coach Practitioners.

We have carefully selected the pilot group who will be the first to embark on the Coach Certification Program with us, helping us to fine-tune a process that will be replicated with the many members working their way through our trainings.

A quick refresher of the steps can be found at this link. 

The first group of Coach Practitioners, will receive an advanced level of training from our global experts, making them part of our distinguished group of expert TCR/LCHF/Keto Coaches & Mentors! The training obtained in this certification will equip candidates with a unique set of skills, allowing them to work confidently with other health-care professionals, or independently, helping clients/ patients effectively implement LCHF nutrition as a lifestyle. The Certification Path gives our Advisors the opportunity to establish themselves as industry leaders, in a way that is fully verified and supported by our team of experts. 

The vision for our Nutrition Network Coach Practitioners™ once certified, is for them to step into the role of TCR coach and leader. This is someone who is confident in the intricacies of the science and research behind the TCR diet, someone who is able to demonstrate the capabilities necessary to coach both their clients and is able to teach and lead others who show an interest in the field.

Over the years, it has become evident that applying a multidisciplinary approach to tackle chronic disease and obesity is both highly effective and necessary. For this reason the Nutrition Network has made it its mission to create a training that not only supports this premise but to ensure that the Coach Practitioners establish themselves as an integral part of this multidisciplinary team of medical and allied health practitioners.

“The Nutrition Network was originally created with the vision of training medical professionals to integrate TCR into their practise in a way that up-skilled and supported evidence-based treatment. What we have found in our first years is the essential link of a coach/educator/advisor to support a medical intervention. Whatever you call this, what this person is and does is essential to long term success for a patient with any lifestyle disease. We are not only treating the illness medically, we are treating the person, their choices, their ability to cope and adopt to new approaches. Behavioural change is not easy: our training has experts in this area, addiction and in dietary and lifestyle transformation at its core. What our advisors and now certified coaches will do on an even deeper level is take people on a journey of transformation and back to health.” says Jayne Bullen, Managing Director. 

This certification program will be an intensive 10 week live online training beginning in October 2021 and will be led by a select group of expert tutors, made up of our team of NN medical experts; Dr Neville Wellington, Dr Hassina Kajee, Prof Tim Noakes and Tamzyn Murphy RD; as well as selected expert Health Coaches, Amanda Strydom (Master Coach),  Bitten Jonsson (Addiction Specialist), Andre Obradovic (ICF Coach), Tracey McBeath (Health Coach), Jayne Bullen (Leadership Coach) and Peter Cummings (Nutrition Network Practitioner)

It has been designed as live training sessions that will provide our candidates with an intensive, hands-on, practical coaching and LCHF mentoring experience. 

Candidates have been selected based on them having successfully met the rigourous qualification criteria, combined with their passion, vision and enthusiasm to change the way we address metabolic disease and health. 

This certification follows from the Certification Path that launched early this March for healthcare professionals. Applications to take part in the next group this year are open, please complete the form at this link to apply.

Keep an eye on our platforms for more.

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