Nutrition Network Launches New Reference Directory

Over the past few months, the Nutrition Network (NN) has been working on an exciting project that is going to become an invaluable resource for the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) community. 

The NN is the world leader in low carbohydrate education, ensuring that their full suite of  CPD/CME accredited trainings are backed by the most credible and up to date research. Multiple references support each lecture, ensuring the information the Network is sharing is evidence-based, regularly updated and of the highest scientific standard. This emphasis on referencing is the backbone of the NN trainings, and why so many people turn to NN as their education provider.

The health revolution we are striving and working so hard towards needs to be grounded in the availability and access to research and information. That is why the NN has created a brand new website,  dedicated solely to LCHF and Keto research: This site is a comprehensive and carefully curated listing of the highest quality low carbohydrate and ketogenic references, as categorized by their therapeutic applications.

From a clinician point of view, the website will serve as a solid base of references that support the role of carbohydrate restriction in clinical practice, for a range of conditions. 

The reference directory contains over 1 000 references, yet the content has been curated in a way so as to not be overwhelming. Only the top few studies for each application have been listed, providing a succinct and convenient overview for both the experienced and the new practitioner. Where possible, open-access PDF’s and journal articles have been provided to maximize reach. The website will be updated on an on-going basis, as new evidence emerges, ensuring relevance and accuracy. 

The collection will hopefully provide scope for starting conversations among clinicians and act as a launchpad for the sharing of literature on the subject. It will be the go-to resource where sceptical clinicians can be referred.  

From a patient perspective, it provides references that may support their medical and health journey’s, especially as they partner with their healthcare provider. 

The directory has been categorized into 5 different sections. The classification has been created in order to assist with navigation but also reflect the strength of the available evidence. 

  1. General Resources: this section reflects the literature pertaining to the ‘how to’s’ which is helpful for clinicians and patients alike. It includes LCHF/Keto implementation, consensus statements, possible complications and helpful media links. This section also includes book suggestions that expand on the themes represented in the references.
  2. Metabolic Disorders: this section covers the conditions which have the strongest evidence base, namely Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular disease.
  3. Neurological Disorders: this section covers Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases including, Migraine, Autism Spectrum Disorder etc.
  4. Other Conditions: this section reflects conditions with a weaker evidence base. They have a metabolic component that may respond to a nutritional intervention but the extent and the mechanisms are not fully elucidated or they require further study e.g. Mental Health.
  5. Other Interventions: includes evidence supporting the use of fasting and exercise.
  6. Downloads: section which provides bite-sized information in the form of downloadable flyers. These flyers cover the most important studies for the main conditions; Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, NAFLD and Type 2 Diabetes. These are for sharing with colleagues, your healthcare provider or friends and family. 

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of NN member Sarah Rice, who has become an invaluable ally to our organization. On behalf of the Nutrition Network, and all the many, many people who will benefit from this website, we would like to thank Sarah for researching and curating these references and making this website dream a reality.

We hope that this directory will serve to be supportive in starting conversations and encouraging further research, personally and as a community. 

Head over to the new Reference Directory now:

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