What does becoming a certified NN practitioner mean and what does the process entail? As the year begins to draw an end, most of us will take the time to reflect on the past year’s challenges and accomplishments and set goals for the year ahead. For those who are wanting to totally transform their profession and become a Certified NN Practitioner, we recommend penciling in May 2022 into the diaries as this is when the next Certification Program will begin.

The Certification Program has been designed for those practitioners who wish to establish themselves as industry leaders, in a way that is fully verified and supported by our medical and scientific advisory board. 

Due to the intensive nature of the program, we have decided to only run one coach and one medical program per year. The program is only open to 10 – 12 candidates who will be carefully selected based on their qualification, experience in the industry, and compliance with Nutrition Network’s qualifying criteria. Applications for the next Medical certification program, set to take place in May 2022, are now open.

Becoming a Nutrition Network Practitioner™ signifies that you have acquired the highest level of knowledge and skill in the field and are recognized as a Certified Nutrition Network Practitioner. 

Only those who have completed the necessary steps are eligible to take part in the program – this is to ensure that all candidates have the necessary knowledge and skills required to keep up with the grueling program requirements. A quick refresher of the steps can be found at this link 

Program Details

The Certification Program is 10 weeks in duration. Each week, participants meet for a 2-hour live session with a tutor. 

Sessions will include the following:

  • Discussion of the latest scientific findings/publications
  • The application of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction to a range of conditions – as supported by evidence
  • Common patient challenges and how to overcome them
  • Case studies

The vision for our Nutrition Network Practitioners™, is for them to step into the role of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction (TCR) expert and leader. This is someone who is confident in the intricacies of the science and research behind the TCR diet, someone who is able to demonstrate the capabilities necessary to prescribe the diet in practice, and is able to teach and lead others who show an interest in the field.

Apply to take part in the next Medical Certification Program

Please complete the form at this link to apply to take part in the May 2022 Medical Certification Program. This program has been designed exclusively for medical practitioners and is open to Doctors, Dietitians, Nurses, and Allied Healthcare Practitioners. Applications will be vetted on a case-by-case basis.

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