Resilience: Mental Health and Stress Management


An Online Training for Medical Professionals, First Responders and Allied Health Care


Professional Online Training in Mental & Physical Resilience in the Face of Work Stressors Recognising and Recovering from Burnout and Stress.
In this training you will:
  • Understand the physical/ emotional impact of working in a high pressured environment
  • Recognise clinical features and the physiology of Burnout
  • Learn about how trauma and emotional pain can trigger physical pain
  • Learn practical stress-management, relaxation and coping tools and techniques
  Key Takeaways:  
  • Understanding the physical/ emotional impact of working in a high pressured environment and learn the tools to cope
  • Recognise the clinical features and physiology of Burnout
  • Remove the stigma behind seeking support
  • Learn how to address mental health issues in the work place
  • Become familiar with grief processing techniques
  • Lean the importance of positive intelligence and how to minimise negative self talk
  • Find out how to face adversity within a relationship, from a healthcare worker’s perspective
  • Learn how to calm your body and mind through relaxation techniques
  • Discover the importance of Movement Medicine
  • Received downloadable demonstrated techniques to overcome various challenges
  Training format:  

The training is made up of:

  • Video lectures & interviews presenting

– Physiology and scientific evidence

– Practical implementation guidelines

– Management tools & resources

– Personal testimonies and interviews

  • Supporting documents, including:

– The speakers’ PowerPoint presentations

– Reference lists

– Education resources

  Timeline and testing:  

You may start the course at any time, and work through the content completely at your own pace.


Before being awarded your certificate:


– You will need to answer a quiz for each module/topic to test what you’ve learned.

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