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The Nutrition Network is an online learning platform designed specifically for medical and allied healthcare professionals, and more recently, health enthusiasts, teaching the latest science and research in the field of Low Carbohydrate High Fat nutrition.


Having successfully trained many medical professionals around the world and recently expanded its customer base, the Nutrition Network is seeking to employ a dynamic mid-range customer marketing and sales exec. to join our growing global organization. A spin-off of The Noakes Foundation, the Nutrition Network trains doctors and healthcare practitioners from an e-learning platform on the science and implementation of an LCHF/Low Carb/Keto into medical practice. We are now seeking to expand our growing team. 


Job Description: 

  • Overseeing marketing and sales of the organization 
  • Auditing and improving on the existing marketing and sales processes in the organization and creating new strategies for growth and sustained support in terms of marketing and sales
  • Exploring new markets and growing the business into new areas
  • Initiating new relationships in the medical and healthcare sectors and establishing/improving on existing partnerships
  • Improving on systems in the organization
  • Co-coordinating with partners, customers and team members on a daily basis
  • Setting up campaigns on social and digital media 
  • Initiating and overseeing PR and marketing campaigns 
  • Writing and outsourcing marketing, PR and white paper material. 


In your first 90 days you will: 

  • Audit our current database, existing network and customer base (existing and lead source) 
  • Perform a market analysis and give us feedback on improvement to our current sales and marketing mix
  • Set up a robust CRM platform that will drive internet marketing, leads and sales results 
  • Audit our current marketing communications and present to the team and board for suggested improvements
  • Develop a marketing plan in line with our planned courses for the year 
  • Actively contribute to the growth and sales of the organization by setting strong sales and growth targets, mutually agreed 


Likely candidate experience: 

  • Degree and likely postgraduate qualification in addition to a strong minimum of five years experience in marketing or sales 
  • Online/digital marketing and sales 
  • E-learning experience or educational sales experience of some kind 
  • Experience in the medical or healthcare marketing sector of some kind 
  • Ideally proficient in one additional language, either European, Asian or South African 
  • Some knowledge or experience of database marketing and customer satisfaction 


Reports to: Managing Director 

Works closely with: medical community and board, project and production team, as well as our global network of medical and healthcare professionals.  

Must be comfortable with: engaging with people of all levels of a relatively flat organization 

Role terms: Full time: we operate with flexible working hours and the option to work from home on some of the days, the rest based in our offices around Cape Town 


Please send your CV to [email protected]

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