Are you bloated on the Banting Diet?

On this episode of The Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we answer a question related to bloating whilst on the LCHF Diet. Prof. Tim Noakes gives us advice on how to recognise what is causing the bloating. He also has some suggestions on what we should cut out of the diet.

Bloating a pain in the tummy?

We discuss bloating on the Banting diet in this episode of the Podcast. If you feel bloated at all on the Banting diet then this podcast is for you.

Erica got in touch with us and she says that she has been following the LCHF or Banting diet for a few weeks now. She is an ultra marathon runner and cyclist. She is feeling a lot more energetic, she doesn’t suffer from the energy dips and hypoglycaemia that she has experienced before.

She says the only negative side effect that she is having on the Banting diet, is that she feels bloated and she is suffering from stomach cramps. She says the cramps are so bad that they keep her awake at night.

She suspects that it could be the seeds in the Banting diet bread, but she’d like to get your opinion.
Prof Tim Noakes: I think she is right. Whenever I hear that story, I look at wheat. Wheat is the most common cause of that, but it could well be the seeds. She may have an allergic response to the seeds.

The most common cause of bloating

I would suggest she cut them out and see what happens. Bloating is absolutely nutritional. So there is something in the diet that is causing the problem. She needs to look very very carefully and maybe just cut the bread for the time being and see what happens.

If that doesn’t work, she should consider that dairy could be involved. But dairy doesn’t usually give you bloating. Bloating is a cereals and grains problem by and large. It can also be related to too much veg. She should just look at the vegetables she is eating to see if maybe she is taking too much.

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