Banting and supplements: Do kids need vitamins if eating a LCHF diet

On this episode of The Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we discuss whether children need vitamin supplements if they are following the LCHF lifestyle. Will your child become deficient in any nutrients in terms of their development if they are on the banting diet?

We’ve been chatting quite a bit about children on the Banting diet over the last few days and today’s question is once again related to feeding your kids an LCHF diet.

If you are following the Banting diet will your child become deficient in any nutrients that they need to develop? On the LCHF diet would you suggest any form of vitamin supplementation for your children?

Prof Tim Noakes: Okay, so let’s say you thought Tim Noakes’ Banting diet was all meat, and you just ate meat, that wouldn’t be a good idea because that wouldn’t be a nutrient dense diet.

We want our diet to be full of nutrients. The three foods that are full of the most nutrients are simply eggs, sardines and liver. If you’re getting those three foods on a regular basis in your diet, you will not be nutrient deficient, because they are packed with nutrients.

If you compare those to the breads, the cereals and grains there is no contest. Absolutely no contest.

Eating a nutrient rich diet when Banting

The nutrient density of those three foods I’ve suggested, are way, way ahead of any other foods that you can describe. If you eat those three foods and you eat kale, which is also full of nutrients, and the vegetables we promote in the Real Meal Revolution, you’ll be fine.

It’s said that you, if you eat those three foods that I mentioned, plus kale plus sunflower seeds, you actually get all the nutrients you need. You would not be nutrient deficient.

But again, you’ve got to have the liver, you see. And, and people don’t like eating liver, because they feel it’s not real ‘meat’ and so on, and it’s got a bad name.

The point is this: on the Banting diet you eat lots of eggs, lots of meat, and lots of sardines, and lots of dairy (if you can metabolise it) as well as lots of kale and then lots of leafy vegetables and you will have the best diet you possibly could have.

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