Bursary Applications are open for Resilience: Mental Health and Stress Management Training

As a result of the devastating effects of the 2019 global pandemic in which the world was forced to navigate through unfamiliar and uncharted territory, the Nutrition Network (NN) has identified a need for improved mental and psychological support for the medical fraternity and broader healthcare industries at larg,. The global lockdown and staggering numbers of COVID-19-related fatalities left behind a trail of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, grief, and panic, for both families as well as those at the frontlines, tasked with treating and preventing the further spread of this unfamiliar virus. 

“A lot of people suffer from the stigma attached to a diagnosis of burn-out. When it becomes easier to define what burn-out is, it becomes easier for people to recognize what they are going through and to seek help before they get to a catastrophic end result” says Dr Hassina Kajee, Medical Director Nutrition Network.

As part of our commitment to support this cause, NN has decided to open its Bursary Applications for our brand-new Training, Resilience: Mental Health and Stress Management. This application is open to those in healthcare or other sectors who were impacted by COVID-19, in an effort to empower you to find key stepping stones on your journey to recognizing and recovering from burnout and stress. If you believe that this is you, click here to complete your application form or reach out to us via [email protected] for more information.

Suicide rates among doctors in the USA are unexpectedly high, with an estimated 300 to 400 doctors lives ending by suicide each year. These numbers are staggering as a rate of 28 to 40 per 100,000 which is currently more than double that of the general population (1). This goes to show the severity of what our medical and allied healthcare workers are continuing to face.

The Resilience: Mental Health and Stress Management Training is designed to assist healthcare workers and those battling with work stressors, to be better equipped to not only identify for yourself, your colleagues, and friends but to better manage and carve out a path for mental and physical recovery. In this training, you will:

  • Understand the physical/emotional impact of working in a high pressured environment
  • Recognise clinical features and the physiology of burnout
  • Learn about how trauma and emotional pain can trigger physical pain
  • Learn practical stress-management, relaxation and coping tools and techniques

Some key contributors to this training include:

  • Professor Tim Noakes: Mental Fortitude
  • Dr Imtiaz Sooliman: Finding the calm in the storm
  • Andre Obradovic: A different perspective on mental health
  • Dr Hassina Kajee: The Stressed brain and body
  • Dr John Cripps MD, BSc, FRCSC (Emeritus): Resilience interview
  • Jayne Bullen: Living a Life of Hope in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Kristin Glenewinkel: Mental wellbeing & relaxation techniques
  • Leah Sefor: Maintaining workable relationships in your marriage & kids as a healthcare provider
  • Pauliina Mapatha: Burnout story + Positive intelligence: Say no to endurance & negativity & Yes to a resilient positive mindset
  • Susannah Darling Khan: Grief processing – healthy ways to grieve and dealing with the heart

What remains clear, is the urgent need to bring awareness to and address the impact of the excessive levels of stress, anxiety, and burn-out, experienced by health care workers. Applications for this leg of the bursary program are open until the end of 2022.

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Wikipedia (2022) Suicide among doctors https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_among_doctors

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