Dr Ben Bocchicchio: Exercise As if Your Life Depended On It. Here’s Why it Does.

Dr Ben Bocchicchio: Exercise as if your life depended on it. Here’s why it does.

The Nutrition Network is honored to have Dr Ben Bocchicchio (PhD) as one of the expert lecturers on our latest online training, Sports Nutrition. Dr Bocchicchio holds a doctorate degree in exercise physiology and another in health, and has 50 years experience as an innovator in the fitness, exercise and health space. In addition to academic positions and publications, Dr Ben has decades of clinical experience, having run various fitness and rehabilitation centres applying his S.Ma.R.T.-EX ™ program. 

In his lecture, Dr Ben explains the importance of exercise and outlines how the most effective exercise program might look. He explains why exercise is so important for health and longevity and how it works synergistically alongside diet. 

He begins by outlining the physiological mechanisms behind high-intensity exercise’s health benefits. These include the recruitment and development of fast-twitch type two b muscle fibres, which improve insulin sensitivity and upregulate metabolic rate. High-intensity exercise also promotes the release of free fatty acids, reduction in inflammation and beiging of fat. 

Dr Ben presents the various muscle fibres and their respective roles and metabolism. He presents the evidence for muscle strength as a buffer against health risks and a major promoter of good health. He also makes the case for exercising type two b muscle fibres to exhaustion (“threshold”) using his SMaRT exercise method (slow maximum resistance training exercise). Finally, he outlines how this program looks in practice.

Learning objectives highlighted in this lecture include 

  • Knowing why exercise is important
  • Understanding the main physiological mechanisms behind high-intensity exercise’s health benefits
  • Knowing what “type two b threshold” is and why it’s important
  • Knowing the principles and components Dr Ben’s SMaRT exercise program
  • Gaining a picture of the greater lifestyle context in which exercise is most effective 

Dr Ben is joined by other leading experts covering other key topics in Sports, Exercise and TCR nutrition, such as

  • Prof Tim Noakes: My life in Sports Nutrition: from High Carbs to High Fats
  • Tracey McBeath: Exercise & Modern Women
  • Dr Tro Kalayjian: Low Carbohydrate Diets & Athletic Performance
  • Laurie Rauch: Nourishing your Muscles
  • Holden McRae: LCHF: Metabolically Flexible for both Low and Higher Intensity Exercise
  • Andre Obradovic: How should we Exercise when we are Moving to Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) Nutrition

This highly anticipated training is open to exercise and fitness professionals as well as coaches, and medical and allied health professionals. The training launches end June 2022 and is currently open for enrolment at a 30% Early Bird discount, for only $230. For more information click here.

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