Are you a doctor that has wanted to add Integrative Medicine to your practice and toolkit for a long time but have been unable to make it to Cape Town for the in-person training with the master? 

Healthy Medicine, created by Integrative Medicine founder, Dr Bernard Brom, and produced by The Nutrition Network (NN), takes the Integrative Medicine training online for the first time. 

Dr Brom is a medical doctor who has worked tirelessly throughout his career to find ways to help the body use its innate ability to heal. His approach is a new kind of medicine, one that is focused on supporting health by focusing on the underlying dysfunction in the body rather than by treating the disease (usually with drugs). This course is here to support you to change your practice and philosophy and to join this new way of medicine. 

In Healthy Medicine, Dr Brom explains the principles of this philosophy, based on his experience of more than 30 years researching and using non-drug ways to help his patients. It is the distillation of Dr Brom’s experience working with body, mind, and spirit to achieve optimal health.

Dr Brom’s course, which has always been an intensive, in-person small group seminar, was created to help doctors better support their patients. His journey has moved from the simplicity of not knowing much; to complexity as his knowledge base increased; and then back to simplicity as he defined the principles of healing and recognised the innate and powerful healing potential within the body waiting to be activated. The NN is proud to be able to take Dr Brom’s content online, so that it can be more widely accessed by people from around the world. Now more people, across international borders and territories, can benefit from the world class teachings of Dr Brom.

Jayne Bullen, Managing Director of the NN, says “I am a long term fan of Integrative Medicine and the amazing work of Dr Brom and the many practitioners he has trained. It has changed my life and health, as well as my perspective on illness. This work is an excellent add on to the work and trainings we do at Nutrition Network: it delves into new areas of and models for disease, turning the old model of sick-care on its head. It is by no-means LCHF focussed, but offers a new paradigm to doctors around patient-centric, integrative care that complements our model of medicine. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a different path and paradigm shift on their journey in medicine.”

Healthy Medicine focuses on the philosophy and principles of Integrative and Functional Medicine. By understanding these philosophies and principles, learners can negotiate complex information and develop management protocols that are simple and user friendly. The course will show practitioners how to develop simple yet effective ways of developing protocols for any condition, no matter what the name of the disease entity.

The course has been specifically designed for Medical doctors wanting to learn the principles of Integrative Medicine and how to focus their practice on improving the health of their patients, not just treating disease.

Health practitioners of different backgrounds who want to expand their knowledge base around the underlying functionality of body systems will also find this course hugely beneficial. The course covers in detail aspects such as leaky gut, methylation, liver detox and immune dysregulation.

We are currently offering a limited time Early Bird price on the course. Gain access to over 32 hours of lecture content, downloadable booklets and protocols, and obtain an official post graduate certification in Integrative Medicine, all for USD12000 or ZAR14000 for South African citizens. Enrol here:

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