Dr Tro Kalayjian: Low carbohydrate diets and athletic performance

Dr Tro Kalayjian is an internal medicine and obesity medicine physician, from New York, USA. Dr Tro’s specialises in diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, metabolic syndrome and PCOS. Having lost 150 pounds (68 kg) on a ketogenic diet, his approach is informed not just by the medical literature, but by his own personal experience. His approach to lifestyle changes for patients include diet, exercise, stress management and mental health.

Dr Kalayjian shares his expertise in this key area in Nutrition Networks latest  Sports Nutrition training, where he reviews the literature and clinical implementation of low carbohydrate diets in athletic performance.

In this training, Dr Kalayjian reviews a historical perspective of sports medicine research, covering pro- and anti- low carb diet proponents and research over the years. Prior to the 2000s most data on ketogenic diets tested short-term dietary interventions which resulted in decreased exercise performance. New evidence suggests that a four week timeframe is the minimum needed for keto-adaption. Some evidence suggests that a timeframe around three months is necessary for keto-adaption. 

Gymnasts, Endurance Athletes, HIIT, Olympic Weight Lifting, Triathletes and CrossFit Athletes can adopt a low carbohydrate approach with the expectation of improved body composition (decreased fat mass), without compromising performance. Special considerations need to be made for the initial fat adaptation period, including unique electrolyte and salt requirements, protein needs and the role of carbohydrate periodisation. Shared decision making is vital throughout this process and there is a definitive role for monitoring as the science is still early in this field.

Dr Kalyjian is joined by other  leading experts, covering other key topics in Sports, Exercise and TCR nutrition, such as

  • Prof Tim Noakes: My life in Sports Nutrition: from High Carbs to High Fats
  • Tracey McBeath: Exercise & Modern Women
  • Dr Ben Bocchiccio: Exercise as if Your Life Depended on it. Here’s Why it Does.
  • Laurie Rauch: Nourishing your Muscles
  • Holden McRae: LCHF: Metabolically Flexible for both Low and Higher Intensity Exercise
  • Andre Obradovic: How should we Exercise when we are Moving to Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) Nutrition

This highly anticipated provides flexible online learning, allowing you to become specialized in the effective implementation of body and lifestyle transformations through exercise and sports nutrition. 

This training is open to exercise and fitness professionals as well as coaches, medical and allied health professionals. The training launches end June 2022 and is currently open for enrolment at a 30% Early Bird discount, for only $230. For more information click here

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