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Elevating Your Community Membership Platform Experience!

We are pleased to unveil a remarkable addition to our Nutrition Network Community Membership Platform that is set to elevate your nutritional journey to new heights – It gives us great pleasure to announce that we are bringing our exclusive World Nutrition Summit footage content right to your premium and elite spaces.

Get ready to embark on awe-inspiring lectures, downloadable PDFs, and captivating content that will redefine your understanding of global nutrition. Access the following via your premium or elite membership on 25 September!

  • World-renowned specialists
  • Over 120+ highly informative lectures
  • Case studies and practical tools 
  • Key learning objectives 
  • Downloadable PDFs at your fingertips
  • Expert-led content on hundreds of TCR topics, at your fingertips
  • Always backed by the highest standard of scientific evidence

With over 120 highly informative lectures at your fingertips, you’ll have access to a vast repository of knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned nutrition enthusiast or just beginning your quest for dietary wisdom, there’s something for everyone. 

Search for your selected topic of interest in the search bar to get the best possible information, from the perspectives of our world-leading experts.

Topics and speakers

Delve into a wide array of subjects, including hypertension, stress management, renal health, migraine treatment, diabetes (both type 1 and type 2), diet culture, coping with food addiction, women’s health issues, gout prevention, ethical considerations, metabolic fitness and exercise guidance, live cooking demonstrations, obesity management, the benefits of yoga, mind-body medicine, insights into cancer, and a wealth of other captivating topics.

These state-of-the-art lectures are delivered by renowned experts in their respective domains. Just to mention a few, our lineup includes Professor Tim Noakes, Dr. Robert Cywes, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella,  Dr. Robert Lustig, Bitten Jonsson RN, Peter J. Ballerstedt, Paul Coker, Tyron Hatch, Dr. David Unwin, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Jen Unwin, Dr. James Mueke, Dr. Joan Ifland, Jonno Proudfoot, Dr. Nasha Winters, and numerous other accomplished professionals spanning diverse fields.

Our commitment to fostering knowledge and promoting a healthier world knows no bounds. With this exciting development, we aim to create an immersive experience like no other, centered around a diverse array of topics. Our primary mission? To delve deep into the heart of universal nutrition truths, while simultaneously building bridges to address global health challenges. All are accessible via our user-friendly platform.

About the Nutrition Network Platform

Joining this user-friendly platform is for anyone seeking valuable insights and connections in the world of nutrition and health. With over 1300 members already on board, it’s a thriving community where medical practitioners, coaches, nurses, therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (TCR) enthusiasts, nutritionists, and dietitians converge to engage in enriching discussions. 

This platform offers a refreshing escape from the noise of social media, providing a dedicated space for deepening your knowledge and practical understanding of TCR. We offer a number of engaging spaces for our free members, such as our Knowledge Base, Chats & Announcements, Events, Let’s Connect, Ask a Question, and Share Your Wins!

As a premium member, you gain access to all of the above, as well as our Content and Resources, with New content added weekly, Interactive Live events, Video Library, Downloadable Resources and practitioner Toolbox, Regular scientific updates, Monthly Research Roundup, Unlimited community access, Exclusive mini-online trainings, Exclusive discounts, and TCR References and NOW – World Nutrition Summit footage!

Enhance your learning journey with an upgraded membership, granting you access to our full range of premium content for just $15 per month. Plus, you’ll be making a valuable contribution towards assisting your patients and clients in preserving and restoring their well-being!

Contact us at [email protected] for more information or further assistance.

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