I’ll eat like this until I’ve lost weight, then I can go back to eating normal

If you have ever uttered the words “I’ll eat like this until I’ve lost weight, then I can go back to eating normal”, this article is for you. Many people approach their weight loss journey this way, but is it the right approach for this diet?

The Low Carb High Fat Diet is not a new thing. Back in 1863, William Banting, having battled with obesity, propagated a diet based on limiting intake of refined and easily digestible carbohydrates. This is why the LCHF diet is also commonly known as the Banting diet.

Robert Atkins is however a name more commonly renowned with promoting a low carb diet, following his release of Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution in 1972. Adkins says it best; if you want to get off my diet and go back to what you were already eating, this is not going to help you.

The truth is, if you are carbohydrate intolerant, and you continue to eat more carbohydrates than your body can metabolise, you will probably not lose or keep fat off. The key to the LCHF diet and why you shouldn’t go off it is; it reduces your calorie intake, it regulates your hunger, and makes you eat only what carbohydrates you can metabolise.
What will happen to you if you back track, having successfully been on the LCHF diet? The simple answer; your weight will return. If you have had big weight loss success on the diet there is a reason for it. You were probably insulin resistant or carbohydrate intolerant, and you will still be. This is why it was and still is so important to restrict your carbohydrate intake. Essentially nothing has changed metabolically, you just look learner as you have found the right diet for you.

If you’ve lost weight you need a new reality

Atkins pin pointed it back in 1972. You get fat because you have the wrong genes and eat the wrong food. If you eat the right food, your genes will be able to keep your weight stable. If and when you go back to the bad food for your genes, you will simply get fat again.

You must not see the Low Carb High Fat as a diet, but an eating plan for life.

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