Launching 12 June: Discover the Science & Practice of TCR with Our New Ketogenic Training

Our new online training, Ketogenic: The Science and Practice of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction, is a comprehensive resource for healthcare practitioners seeking to master the principles and application of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction (TCR). Developed in collaboration with leading experts and aligned with the Nutrition Network Textbook, this training dives deep into the scientific foundations and practical aspects of TCR.

Throughout the training, you will explore the physiological mechanisms underlying the therapeutic benefits of TCR and gain a thorough understanding of its applications in various clinical scenarios. From metabolic health and weight management to chronic disease management, you will discover how TCR can be a game-changer in improving patient outcomes.

The training includes engaging video lectures, interviews, and panel discussions led by renowned experts in the field. These experts will share their insights and experiences, providing you with valuable perspectives and evidence-based recommendations. Additionally, you will have access to supporting documents, such as PowerPoint presentations, reference lists, and patient education resources, that you can integrate into your practice.

By enrolling in this training, you will not only deepen your understanding of TCR but also gain the confidence to implement this therapeutic approach in your clinical setting. Whether you are a physician, dietitian, nurse, or health coach, this training is tailored to meet your professional needs and equip you with the necessary tools to make a positive impact on your patients’ lives.

Those who have completed Professional Training in LCHF/Keto Nutrition & Treatment receive a 30% discount. Please reach out to [email protected] for your coupon code.


Featuring an all-star lineup of international speakers, this unparalleled training covers a diverse range of essential topics, including:

  • Professor Tim Noakes, Medical Director & Author: Dietary Guidelines
  • Dr. Rob Cywes, Medical Doctor & Bariatric Surgeon: Neurodevelopment & NAFLD/Liver
  • Dr. Brian Lenzkes, Medical Doctor: Therapeutics of Managing Insulin Resistance
  • Dr. Miki Ben Dor, Ph.D. in Archeology: Understanding Human Diet and Disease
  • Dr. Catherine Crofts, Ph.D. researcher & Pharmacist: Insulin resistance: A unifying feature of chronic disease
  • Dr. Jen Unwin, Clinical Psychologist: Sustainable Behaviour Change
  • Dr. Andrea Salcedo, OBGYN: Gynecologic disease is cardiovascular disease
  • Dr. David Unwin, Medical Doctor: Hypertension: are we blaming salt for what the sugar did to cardiovascular risk?
  • Tamzyn Murphy, Registered Dietitian: Nutritional Aspects of Health & Disease
  • Dr. Neville Wellington, Diabetes Specialist: Type 2 Diabetes: Treating Diabetes with Nutrition instead of Medicine
  • Dr. Hassina Kajee, Medical Doctor: Metabolic Syndrome
  • Caryn Zinn, Professor, Author & Registered Dietitian: TCR for Exercise and Sports Performance and Metabolic Health
  • Dr. Lara Dugas, Ph.D. & Professor: Gut Health
  • Dr. Nadir Ali, Medical Doctor: Cardiovascular Disease & Insulin Resistance
  • Dr. Angela Poff, Ph.D. & Research Associate: Cancer
  • Dr. Angela Stanton, Scientist & Author: Neurology

Join us on this exciting journey as we embark on a new era of TCR education and practice.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the field and be part of a global community of healthcare professionals dedicated to making a difference in the lives of their patients.

Enroll today and take your a step toward mastering the science and practice of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction.


Launching on 12 June 2023 and now open for enrolment at a discounted, early bird rate of 20% off. For more information contact us at [email protected].

Early bird rate is valid until 12 June 2023, enroll today and save!

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