Eat Better: Group Facilitation Training

Our latest elective Eat Better: Group Facilitation Training is a comprehensive step-by step guide, modeling our highly successful Eat Better South Africa (EBSA) program. 

Eat Better SA (EBSA) was the brainchild of 3 incredible women: Jayne Bullen, COO of The Noakes Foundation, Dr Hassina Kajee, Medical Director of the Nutrition Network and Euodia Samson an esteemed local actress whose life changed after discovering Banting. All three were impacted and inspired by the remarkable and game-changing lifework of Prof Tim Noakes.  

EBSA is a community-based program, established in 2015, aimed at addressing the devastating health conditions in local communities in South Africa, specifically diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

“This work and its possible impact and ripple effect on the world is grossly under-rated. What we know is that the group model is the best and most effective model to support lifestyle change in individuals and communities. It’s a big piece lacking from the support and work we offer as trainings in the TCR community. This training bridges together the science and the heart of how to make lasting change and is an amazing training as a stand-alone or as existing support for those already in our professional community considering expanding their work into a group setting for increased impact and reach. We have walked this road for many years. We have tried, tested, perfected and assessed this program: we know it works and is a golden formula that has the capacity to change the world and take us back in a space of healthcare rather than later down the road, sick care. It has the potential to save the lives of future generations: we need to get this right, fast”, says Jayne Bullen of Nutrition Network and The Noakes Foundation. 


Structured as a 6-week community program, EBSA provides nutrition education in the form of group coaching to communities on how to eat better to live better. Week on week, a group of our trained nutrition coaches, nurses, medical doctors and facilitators lead these sessions, educating communities on the negative effects of consuming excess carbohydrates and hidden sugars. Various independent studies have been conducted assessing the efficacy and sustainability of these programs. 

“ With the burgeoning numbers of patients suffering from diseases of nutrition and lifestyle, doctors and healthcare providers are finding it more and more difficult to see all their patients. Nutrition Networking in collaboration with Eat Better South Africa brings you the answer. After much interest in our model, we are honoured to share with our successful research-based method that for almost a decade has been helping people reverse obesity and its related diseases. What’s most outstanding to us is that this model is successful in all communities. This course will show you the many research-based reasons why this group course works; from accountability to working in communities and establishing new tribes within communities.” says Dr Hassina Kajee.

Since the highly successful implementation of programs across SA, and after multiple requests by members across the world, Nutrition Network has embarked on putting together this step-by-step guide on how to run a successful group coaching/facilitation course. This course is available to anyone, with or without a coaching or medical background, providing an opportunity to facilitate and run a successful group/community program.

The Training facilitators and modules covered include: 

  • Prof Tim Noakes – Eat Better from the Ground Up
  • Dr Hassina Kajee – The Doctors Role
  • Jayne Bullen – The Eat Better Story and Evolution
  • Amanda Strydom – Group Facilitator Skills
  • Jana Retief – The Eat Better Model
  • Georgina Pujol-Busquets Guillén – Mixed Method Evaluation of Nutrition & Health Education Program on Woman from Under-Resourced SA Communities 
  • Tamzyn Murphy RD –  My Low Carbohydrate plate

This course has been designed to provide comprehensive week-by-week training, with accompanying resources, depicting step by step, how the EBSA program is run. You will be given the exact framework, from week 0 to week 6, on how to prepare for, set up, and run an LCHF  program. It covers all the relevant topics, from EBSA’s highly impactful sugar demo, chronic disease, and biometric testing, to how to recruit a team and approach communities and groups to join your program. 

The course also provides a detailed facilitator skills section, which trains on key skills needed to be an impactful group facilitator/coach. This course is perfect for the nutrition coach looking to learn how to run a successful group coaching session, or for the passionate trailblazer, with no prior coaching/facilitator experience, looking to make an impact within their communities and groups. 

Proceeds from this training will be donated to Eat Better SA, to fund and support the incredible work that is being done. Find more information check out our course page here  or contact our team at [email protected]


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